How To Host A Vegan Dinner Party Even Meat-Eaters Will Love


Whether you are inviting a few friends over for a birthday bash or having family over for dinner, there is no doubt about it that impressing meat-eaters is hard. (They pick apart every detail of your homemade meal that took hours but are satisfied with a packaged hot dog. But this is beside the point.) It is possible though. Here are my favorite tricks for setting up the party and some meal ideas so great that they will make your guests want to go vegan along with you!


Start with everybody's favorite appetizers...

and make them vegan! For all the most popular non-vegan appetizers, there are a bunch of recipes that keep the same appetizer -- minus the animal ingredients. Some of my favorites are as listed below. 

  • Bruschetta! This delicious Italian staple can easily be made vegan as long as you skip the cheese.
  • Veggie platter with vegan ranch
  • Pita chips and hummus.
  • Tortilla chips and guacamole. 


Prepare a hearty meal. 

One of the things I hear way too often -- even from well-meaning friends is, "I could never go vegan. I hate salads." Well, this is your chance to show everybody that there is a lot more to veganism than just fruit and salads. Listed below are some amazing recipes to make your meat-eating friends forget they are even eating vegan. 


Don't skimp on the sweets.

Another one of my favorite lines, "You're vegan? But how can you go without sweets?" And while I do love eating healthy, I love my chocolate just as well, which is why my favorite part of dinner parties is dessert. It's my time to shine and prove that vegan pastries are just as delicious as the rest. Some of my favorites are:


Using these tips and recipes, I hope you can make your dinner party great on any and every occasion. Tweet me any pictures of the meals you tried for a retweet!